Who We Are

Peace Love kids was founded by two sisters and fashion designers, Maya and Meshi Avnon.

“Growing up in Israel we were always told that by the time we grow up there would be world peace. That we won’t need to serve in the army and that the dove of peace will come knocking on our door”.

But that never happened. Instead, the world has become more and more complicated, as time goes by.


Our brand is bold and is not afraid to speak about the things we all know are true, through it’s different designs. We want our clothes to send out a strong message of Peace and Love, especially since we know that children are the sacred formula to bring real change to the world. After all, let’s be honest, no one wants their children to grow up into such a harsh reality, no matter where you are in the world.

Created out of a true desire to make a change, Peace Love Kids is a voice that wants to raise important questions, and a platform that wants to place all of the burning issues on the table.


Peace Love Kids’ designs are made for children between the ages of 0-8. We personally accompany the manufacturing process, starting from the birth of an idea and all the way to production.

Our clothes and designs are suitable for children from all over the world. They integrate high quality fabrics in basic colours and are an urban mixture of comfortability and coolness. Many of the designs also come with strong messages printed on them, to create a unique and deconstructed look and feel.


We like to think that Peace Love Kids is urban on the outside and hippie on the inside, the perfect combination!